Yes, that’s right. The pro fashion bloggers and connoisseurs of the fashion industry have little secrets which set them apart from the rest of the crowd. It’s not a miracle that some people look highly stylish; it’s their dedication towards fashion which drives them to set examples for the rest of the crowd to follow. Flit from such crowd and be an influencer whose taste in style is appreciated and who is looked up to for styling inspiration. That being said, from shoes and accessories to choice of fabric and colour, every little element of your attire plays a significant role. To rail you on the right track of fashion, here is a curated list which will help you get the hang of the topic with ease.

  • Experiment with various styles
When it comes to fashion, your statement style is what brings out the best in your personality. From your accessories to choice of colour, every time you step out of your home, your style should attract all eyes towards you. Feminine, alluring, relaxed, formal, dramatic and trendy are some of the styles which you might like to experiment with while dressing up. However, don’t forget to add a specific signature element to your attire for a solid impression.
  • Don’t follow trends blindly
Yes, you heard that right. Trends change every season, so while everyone is copying the same, be unique and make trends of your own. You can surely take inspiration from the changes to stay in the game but to lead the crowd, creative approach is the need of the hour.
  • Invest in place of spending
No, this is not a real estate advice. Professional personal stylists in Perth suggest that when you spend money on enhancing your fashion taste and style, it’s not an expense. It’s vital that you understand the difference between investments and costs and focus on investing in yourself. For instance, instead of purchasing five cheap jewellery pieces, invest in one expensive jewellery or statement piece which you can use for years to come. Look for class and elegance and invest it in without any second doubts.
  • Skinny jeans and turtlenecks are not for all
Wearing turtlenecks with an hourglass body shape will be a complete fashion disaster. With such a body type, you would want to reduce the bulk and highlight your waistline. V-necks and wrap dresses will look effortlessly gorgeous on you. Also, if you have a pear-shaped body, divert attention from your lower body to your torso. Avoid wearing skinny jeans as it will only elongate your lower body which is the last thing that you need at the moment. Highlight your upper body with bright tone clothes while you keep your lower body defocused with solid dark tones.
  • Fake a waist like a pro
Yes, we understand the struggle of not having a waist but who said you still can’t flaunt it? To flaunt it, learn the art of faking it. As an apple shaped person, keeping away from loose clothing is the new addition to your lifestyle. Monotones will do you no good as well, so patterns and textures are what we are looking at here. For instant effect, add a thick belt to your attire and enjoy the newly added curves.
  • Cheap is not great
As mentioned in the third point, think less about saving money and more about investing right. While you will be often attracted to cheap clothes, accessories, shoes and jewellery pieces, personal stylists in Perth advise against taking the bait. Do not fall for cheap fabrics thinking they will feel and move like expensive ones. Spending smart will immediately enhance your style.
  • Accessorising is always in trend
Accessories don’t go out of style, but the variety that you buy might be outdated soon. Scarfs, handbags, jewellery pieces, belts and watches are some of the most popular accessories with which people tend to make the biggest mistakes. ¬†Choose your accessories wisely so you don’t have to throw them out every season. To be a fashionista, always remember that less is more. Decluttering will allow you to highlight the important elements of your attire and look trendy every season. Follow these tips and be the next Instagram sensation.]]>


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