Society6 is a wonderful community for selling and buying art affordably. Each artist must be accepted to the marketplace, and I find many more gems there than on sites like or 20×200. Artists don’t make a very big cut of the retail price (about 10% on most items, I’m told), but some choose it to avoid the commitment of shipping and inventory, and/or as a more affordable way to offer oversized prints.

Society6 is offering free shipping through Sunday.

What’s your filter for selecting art? I choose pieces that give me a happy vibe, are not too pretty but not too ugly, and could be “classic” — I think about the items in my parents’ house that they bought when they first made a home together — some of it felt so out of date by the time I was old enough to care.

I hope my picks will stand the test of time. (Especially on account of the cost of framing them!)


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