Besides the launch of the Rogan for Target line, the second-biggest event that happened during my two-week blogging break was the fifth birthday (and redesign) of my most favorite fashion blog: No Good For Me. Five years! Founder Kat Asharya (who feels like one of my best friends, IF I’m cool enough for her) wrote in the birthday post, “Yes, we are officially five years old, which means in blog years we are about 25 years old perhaps. (I feel like blog years are like dog years, you know? Our first year we were just learning how to walk, our second year we were all kicky and fun, our third year we got all broody and had an identity crisis, and last year we ‘came of age,’ just like a twenty-year old.)” So I guess that makes me still learning to walk… nevermind.

In J-School in ’05, I even contacted Kat for a class assignment to interview a blogger. (Ooh, “new media”!) I know she gave me some wonderful insights… but I can’t find the project itself anywhere. I’d give anything to share it with you now, but I’m afraid those files are long gone. Back then it was just Kat, but over the past few years she’s added Laura and Liz to the crew (fellow zine writers), who are also both wonderful. In particular, Liz has an antenna for the green side of things and has tipped me off on some sweet finds. (Though FLP is just me, at least for now, there is something about referring to your site as “we” that feels so nice. “We prestigious and vaguely defined editors at Fashion Loves People all share the same fabulous taste and speak collectively whenever possible.” I don’t think I’ve ever done that, but if I ever do, it may be to fulfill that urge.)

Though I’ve followed Kat, Liz and Laura for years, it’s only been in about the past month that I’ve gotten to see what they look like! Inspired maybe by Susie Bubble, it’s too irresistible to not show off pics of you in your own stylings on your blog. I’ve loved seeing it. Anyway, the best thing about No Good For Me is that it’s not all about fashion; it’s probably even MORE about music and art and great writing and deep thoughts. Which never go out of style. Which is what REAL style is all about. Read a wonderful self-conducted (though well disclaimed) interview with the lovely writers of No Good For Me, and grab their RSS feed! (Though their pics don’t come through in Readers… I’d recommend the Google Reader Next button feature to feed them right. That didn’t come out right, but I think you get what I’m saying.) And click on their Google Ads! Grin.


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