Are you a business who is seeking to adopt a simple yet effective marketing tool? Well, customized corporate uniforms with the company logo embroidered on it are sure to do the trick. Making your workers wear customized uniforms, along with the embroidery addition, is sure to boost your business. You must have probably heard or observed that the most successful people in the world choose to have their trademark personal attire, like Steve Jobs, never getting tired of his black turtlenecks, or how you never see Mark Zuckerberg in anything else other than a pair of jeans and a grey shirt.

Similar is the case of custom-made apparel like embroidered corporate uniforms, accessories, etc. which are one of the most helpful marketing tools for any business. It gives both the company and the staff a professional look. And did you know, great logos tell great stories?! And with the help of an embroidered logo on the staff’s uniform, the customer can see at a glance what the company has to offer. In public places, people who have embroidered corporate uniforms are easier to distinguish. Uniforms can thus easily be customized through embroidery and the company’s logo. Personal details like the worker’s name, job title, etc. could also be added. So, if you are considering the prospect of incorporating corporate uniforms for your business in Brisbane embroidery by the Uniform Store is a great option. They offer great uniform services for businesses by producing affordable uniforms along with embroidery or digital printing on them.

How to get the design files ready for corporate uniform embroidery:

So, giving your staff customized work uniforms is one of the best decisions you can make in your business. It not only makes your employees happy but also goes a long way in the branding of your business. Put them in generic, plain uniforms and nobody has an idea where they work. But put them in customized apparel with your logo on it, and they spark business even by just walking around. So, basically it acts as a mobile billboard for your business. So, after speaking so highly about the strengths of customized work apparel for employees, we are pretty sure we have you convinced. And now that the ball is rolling, it’s time to get your design files ready. Here’s how:

  • Right software: The very first and most important step is to use the correct software for the job. There are a variety of software options available in the market and you need to take your pick as per your needs. With the help of the correct software, you can create vector design files. Vector files are much better for customizable designs as they allow the design to be scaled up or down, without any loss in clarity.
  • High-resolution images: The next thing that you should ensure is the use of high-resolution images for the design. Low-resolution images often blur out and hamper the quality of the completed design. You could go for images that have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Right size of font: You need to keep it in mind that any lettering that you have incorporated in your design will be stitched in thread. You need to choose the correct font size so as to ensure it’s legible. The minimum height of the lettering should be at least half an inch. Though, it’s much recommended that you don’t choose lettering that’s less than a quarter inch.
  • Save an editable copy: Now, before you send over the design to the customer making company, you should ensure to save an editable copy for yourself. This will come in handy when you end up deciding to make certain changes in the design.

So, these are the steps that need to be undertaken once you have decided to custom embroider your organization’s logo on work apparel and give it out to your employees. Well, congratulations, as half the battle is won. We think you have made a great decision and are well on your way to get noticed.


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