One of the most crucial aspects of a mehndi function these days is the easy mehndi décor. But brides, while you are involved in planning your bridal lehenga, the wedding photographer, and a zillion other details, we are sure you might have not paid too much attention to the décor. But, let us tell you, a mehndi function should be anything but plain and bare. There are so many new, creative, amazing ideas out there that could make your mehndi function rock in every way possible.

Mehndi, dholki, thumkas, family, friends and masti, all go hand in hand — and there’s something else that follows, and that’s the irresistible décor. An afternoon of mehndi, just before your big day, is one such time when you get to spend some fun and chilled out moments with your dear ones. And some beautiful mehndi décor helps you achieve that perfect backdrop to get all those pretty snaps with your bride tribe on point. So, it’s time you start paying close attention to the décor part of your wedding functions, and go for pretty and creative Mehndi décor Hire Dynamic Décor who is simple a phone call away to creating something straight out of a fairy tale for your special day. They can help you create the perfect themed Mehndi function, whatever your vision is, and leave your guests in awe.

Mehndi décor designs which are ruling this wedding season

Having a pretty mehndi décor will make sure that you have the prettiest pictures, which you can look back down the years and feel happy each time. Bright floral themed outdoors, quirky photo booths and a gorgeous jhoola is the norm for mehndi functions these days! But who said you have to do what everyone else is doing?! If you don’t want your mehndi function to look like everyone else’s, you are reading the right article. Here are some, colourful, vibrant, and fun mehndi décor ideas for you:

  • Fun with colours: An elegant mehndi function calls for some mehndi décor having spacious, colourful tents in the seating area. The event could make use of minimal floral décor, lots of colourful pillow, charpais, inverted umbrellas hanging down etc. and it will be totally photogenic indeed. And let’s not forget a cute and colourful backdrop for the bride.
  • Mono colour mehndi: If you want to go for a mono coloured mehndi décor theme, choosing bright colours like pink or yellow or even blue will do wonders for you and the pictures. Such bright and cheerful themed mehndi functions work best for outdoors, especially in the case of spring-summer weddings by the pool or the beach.
  • Origami love: Ditch the floral decorations this Mehndi season while you opt for creative origami, straight out of the box. From cranes to boats to paper fans to flowers, there’s no end to what you could create by folding glazed, coloured paper and hanging them by the thread. You could hang them around the bride’s seat or the entrance or from the mandap’s roof or even from table tops for some fun, quirky vibes.
  • Décor props: You could make the use of cool photo props, kitschy décor elements all around the venue, to add a lot of drama to your festivities. You could use huge sized cutouts of ‘love’ or spray paint a rickshaw and decorate it with flowers to help the attendees pose in. You could hang small bird cages, paint them in bright colours, and hang them around the venue, or as table centrepieces. You could even decorate these with ferns, artificial flowers, bangles, tassels, chains, or even fairy lights.
  • Hang away: You could actually hang anything and everything, and if done right, will make your mehndi venue look like no other. You could hang embellished dupattas to colourful lanterns to floral chandeliers to even books for the idea of a book lover’s wedding to strings of photos to colourful pinwheels to mason jars having fairy lights or flowers in them to what not. Let the creativity be at its best, and witness how your guests go gaga over the décor.

So, which of these mehndi décor ideas did you love the most? Cause to be honest, we can’t pick one. These ideas will not only make your mehndi event all colourful and photo-ready, but it will be like a breath of fresh air from the usual genda phool decorations you see everywhere.


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