Because I don’t have much of a shopping budget lately, I’m taking in more “inspiration” than “new things.” Right now I’m so inspired by these classic Saint James sailor shirts.

I’ve admired this shirt style since it came out at American Apparel earlier this year — until I figured out that AA was just copying a classic! (I hate design stealing.) Saint James has been producing these garments in France since 1889, and that made me love it even more.

Gravel & Gold, my favorite SF boutique so far, says on their website listing, “These are the true-blue heavyweight sailor shirts that last forever. Truly timeless, and good for all time. So do your mom or dad a favor — just buy your own so that you don’t have to steal theirs. They look best oversize, with the sleeves rolled up.”

How good would one of these look with dark denim jeans, rolled to the ankle, and brown oxfords? The epitome of classic, yet so fresh.

Prices are around $100 for the heavyweight, which is woven tightly to block the wind — which was originally good for sailors and is now good for a San Francisco June.


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