Let us admit it. Shoes are love! There are new varieties and trendy styles coming up for this spring, and you must stay abreast with the hot picks for the season. You might have your go-to pair of shoes that you prefer the most, but it is always a good idea to add some eccentric styles and upgrade your wardrobe.

However, while indulging in the myriad shoe options, you should always prioritize comfort. After all, you don’t want to be slouching around in a 6-inch heel while running errands at home. Here are the buzzing styles that you must know this spring.

Spring Shoes

Shoes with a Square Toe

The square-toed shoes were in vogue ages ago and are now making a comeback. Spring is all about bright, and this variety is especially making its striking mark. White and light brown shades are being preferred this spring.

Feathery Sandals

You heard it right! We are not asking you to overdo it, but yes a couple of feathers or more are certainly making an entry. Go for subtle hues and pastel shades to complete your spring look. While choosing these, ensure that the feathers are placed mindfully to not come in your way while you walk. If you are not a fan of feathers then maybe you can go with a feather-like print. This would make your style relevant to the trends and would add comfort at the same time.

Inspired by the Sea

Each season witnesses some unique styles and this season is all about the beach footwear, quite literally. Designers have come up with shoes that are decorated with seashells as well as motifs of starfish. Missing the beach? You might as well put on this funky pair of sandals. However, make sure you match it well with the type of outfit you are wearing.

Detailing on Heel

We know how difficult it gets walking in those high heels. Luckily enough, designers have tweaked the design of heels this season and have now come up with heels that are easier to wear. You can see heels having a narrow top and large bottom which makes it comfortable and stylish at the same time. Moreover, there are also styles with see-through heels that give an illusion of walking in the air. Quite a breezy affair!

Glitter and Glam

Do you love to adorn your shoes with embellishments? This season is all about accentuating the shoes with crystals. It gives the much-needed bling for those summer events. Rock it at a pool party or while dancing away in the club. If you are not a fan of added bling then maybe opting for a metallic shoe would be a good idea.

Rope it up

This trend is indeed very relevant as it reminds you of the fishing ropes and fishnets. Shoes with generous ropes in it are trending this spring. They add a voluminous look to any outfit and go best when worn with short skirts or hot pants. Even dresses that have ankle length look good with such shoes. However, you should check how genuine the brand is as there are a lot of people creating cheaper shoes with ropes that lack quality.

Inspired from Ballet

One thing that stays constant every spring is nude colors. Designers have now given it a twist by adding a ballerina-inspired look. You can see pumps and flats with straps in subtle hues. Pair them up with skinny jeans, and you are good to go! While we are talking pastels, it is a good idea to opt for shades that match your skin tone or even match it with the shade of your pants to make your legs look longer.

Thus, you can pick the best style from the shoes mentioned above. Go with something that complements your style and also makes you feel good at the same time.


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