Are you planning to start a well-equipped salon? Or do you want to know the importance of good hairdressing equipment like a scissor? Or are you planning to replace your old pair of scissors but do not know where to start from?

If you have the notion that good hairdressing scissors require heavy investment, let us correct you-you can get them at reasonable rates – all you need to do is find out the hairdressing wholesalers and they can give you the best rates. You can also check online for the best of the deal, but the online option should be last resort.

Read on and you will find the answer to all your queries.


Now, what is the importance of good hairdressing scissors?

Sharp Blades

As compared to normal scissors, these have sharper blades and they need not be sharpened often. If you are a hairdresser, you will know that sharpness is one of the key factors that help you to snip through the hair conveniently. To give the exact cut with precision, and to ensure that the hair is not damaged, the blades should be sharp enough to cut a wet strip of paper. It will also put less strain on your fingers and you can cut the hair with fewer efforts and seamlessly.


Among all the hairdressing equipment, scissors are the one which you might be using the most. So, it is important that it is smooth and comfortable to use. You will get scissors that are designed accurately for hairdressing and their comfortable, ergonomic designs allow you to use them for long periods without feeling any strain on the fingers, arms, wrist, or shoulders.


Buying good scissors might be costlier than normal scissors, but good hairdressing wholesalers sell their products with warranty. Thus, they are most durable, and thanks to their product quality, they do not require too much maintenance. So, eventually, you will save more by reducing your recurring expenditure.  

How to buy

Tips to help you with your purchasing decision –

  • Take Specialist’s opinion

If you are new in the business and are not much aware of hairdressing equipment, you must first discuss your requirement with specialists.


Scissors come in a diverse range of sizes mostly ranging from 4.5 inches to 8 inches and that is pretty much a difference. For smaller cuts, it is usually better to use smaller scissors as these help you to be more precise. Whereas with longer blades you can cut the hair at a faster rate. The size of a scissors mostly depends on the personal preference but try to go for scissors that fits on your palm i.e. when you place the scissors on your palm, with the finger hole at the base of your thumb, the tip of the blade should not be longer than the end tip of your middle finger.

  • Fitment

Check the scissors and use them before deciding on the pair you want to buy.  Open and close them and see how they feel. They should not be too heavy and tight or too loose around your finger and thumb. If the scissors don’t fit properly, it will put unnecessary pressure on your hands when using it and can be uncomfortable and painful after prolonged usage.

Some scissors also have finger blades and they can be removed. So, check if you feel comfortable with them and decide accordingly.

  • Blades

There are different types of blades but the convex blade is considered to be the best because of its sharpness. However, if you want to opt for lightweight scissors, you can purchase the beveled edge scissors. The blades also depend on whether you are purchasing a left handed or right handed scissors.

Since a pair of scissor play a crucial role in your career or business, you must never compromise on it.


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