A hen night is usually referring to a party that is held by the close friends of a woman who is going to be married in the near future. Hen Nights  can differ substantially, depending on the desires of the woman who the party is thrown for, as the hen night may include a simple dinner that involves the friends of the bride-to-be getting together and having a nice evening full of talking and sharing, as well as wishing the bride well.

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In a highly contrasting fashion, some women prefer to have a hen night that is thrown at a bar or even a male strip club on some occasions, during which the bride is usually completely paid for by the friends who attend this party. Of course, both of these occasions can happen back to back, with a nice dinner to start the evening off and a little wine or champaign purchased to relax, and then visiting the club or bar afterwards in order to have a much more wild celebration of such a large stepping stone in the bride-to-be’s life.


Having a hen night provides many different opportunities for either scenario, as there are a variety of restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars and other activities to take part in over the course of the night. Of course you can always book a hens night package too but it is always best to call a cab or taxi after the festivities have ended, or during your trip around the many different stops for the night if you intend to drink. Depending on your location, there are also a variety of special events that may be going on in other cities surrounding the area that you reside in, so this is yet another possibility to plan for over the course of the night.

Keep in mind that having your hen night does not necessarily mean that you have to go out, as some individuals would much rather stay at home with a few friends (or rent a hotel room if you live with your significant other and wish to have a girls-only night) and enjoy the evening talking, sipping whatever type of alcohol you prefer (if you drink) and watching movies. This is a perfectly fine way to spend your hens night in Brisbane, as the entire night should be enjoyable for you. You are open to creating your perfect hen night however you wish!


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