Wedding photo booths are becoming an integral part of most of the weddings and receptions. With the multiple benefits and fun elements, it is an excellent source of interest for all age groups. But, you need to plan your wedding photo booth very carefully to avoid the boomerang effect.

With so many types of photo booths and multiple wedding photo booth hire options, it is at times tough to find out the kind of photo booth that’s best suited for wedding functions.

Today we will share some tips to make your task easier.

Photo Booth for Wedding 

Type of Photo Booth

First, decide whether you want a mini photo booth or one which is substantially big to fit a large group. And, for that, the size of your wedding venue is essential. If you want to accommodate your guests in one frame without congesting the wedding area, then you can opt for the open air ones. So, your preference for photo both depends on the venue and the arrangement space in the site.

However, if you want to install a mirror me booth, which gives incredible personalized photographs, you will not be able to fit in large groups.

Decide the backdrop

The backdrop of a photo booth is as important as the other props. Plan if you want one type of background or a combination of a few contexts. You cannot change your ideas on the wedding day as the photo booth will not be able to accommodate your sudden request.

So, decide with your partner on the type of background (s) and check with the vendor if they can accommodate your requests or not.

Check the props

Check if the accessories are re-used or they are fresh and clean. With the increase in demand for photo booths, many times, the company pack the props from one location and send it to the other.

And this is absolutely unhygienic.

Also, check the set-up of the photo booth – a giant photo booth being the center of attraction on your wedding day is obviously not something that you would want!

Check previous work

In the era of cutthroat competition, a company is bound to claim that they have done awesome events earlier. But, do not get swayed away by words. Check their previous work, how many projects they have done earlier, and ask for their portfolio.

You can also check for the online reviews of previous customers. Your wedding is a special day in your life, and you will not want to mar it because of the photo booth experience. So, do all the background verification thoroughly before selecting the photo booth.

Check the equipment

While the megapixels of the camera might be promoted as that is a common area of concern when we buy cameras, you must know the other factors to check while selecting a photo booth.

Photo booths are specifically designed to take advantage of space restriction and limited depth of field. So, appropriate lighting and a suitable DPI of the printer is crucial.  Check if they can deliver you good quality photos which you can preserve for long without fear of damage.

Know details of costs

To attract customers, companies try to offer service at cheaper rates. But, before you confirm someone, reconfirm the following:

  • The timeframe for which you will get the photo booth.
  • If any assistance will be there to help you with technicalities.
  • What is included in the cost? Does it only cover the photo booth or does it include unlimited print outs? Do they provide any scrapbook?  
  • Do they provide props? If yes, then do they offer props to guests also?

To avoid any type of last minute trouble, ask whatever questions that come in your mind.

If you can plan well in advance, a photo booth is sure to double the fun of your marriage. And needless to say, it will capture some of the best memories!


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