Couples face an endless list of dilemmas while planning for their weddings. There are tough choices regarding the dates, the food selection, and let’s not even get started on the process that’s involved in finding that perfect wedding dress. So, these were some of the most probable reasons of worry that have been haunting couples for generations. The new genre of worry that has crept up into the mind of couples before a wedding is — should they hire a professional wedding photographer? Well, we shall make the idea a bit clearer for you!

Wedding photography is an important thing that you should account for, just like you worry yourself to death over finding and booking that great venue. Your wedding photographs would capture your entire day, all of the memories, and will tell a story. And the story told will be of one of the most special days in your life. A story which you can show to your friends, family, children and grandchildren, and treasure for all your life. Your wedding flowers shall wilt, the wedding cake shall be eaten up, your dress shall be worn once, the shoes will go back into the box etc. — but the photos shall remain for a lifetime. So, if you live anywhere in the whole wide world, even Oxfordshire a wedding photographer like Nigel Chapman Photography type is very much needed. They are famous award winning wedding photographers who ensure that your special day is made even more special and kept that way, locked in your wedding album.

Wedding photography tips you could use as a beginner

Now, having said all of that, you must realize now how important wedding photography actually is. But are you cut to enter the industry as a professional wedding photographer? Every successful wedding photographer started with their first wedding, and then went onto developing their portfolio, their eye, and strategies for shooting weddings. Some even started off by assisting senior photographers before starting out on their own. Seeing the photos, the Lairns barn wedding photographer captured, it becomes evident how lovely the wedding must have been! Your aim too would be to evoke such emotions.

Use these tips to capture such great photos, even though you are a beginner

  • Use a contract: First and foremost, you should prepare a standard contract which both you and the couple shall sign. This will have all the details mentioned, like the date, price, number of hours agreed upon, how and when the photos shall be delivered, how the payment shall be exchanged etc. So, it will have all the important details which should be set in stone.
  • Attention to detail: When it comes to any kind of photography, it’s all about the little things that matter. Capturing small details is as important as capturing the big moments. You need to capture more than just the main moments. This includes close up of the decor, the bridal bouquet, the dress details, all of it is important.
  • Invest in flash: Even if you mostly shoot day weddings or in the natural light, investing in an off body flash is utmost crucial for a beginner. The flash on your camera is no way going to be enough for clicking the perfect shots you aim for. Indoor ceremonies, dark churches, or cloudy days, your flash shall get you out of it all.
  • Wear comfy shoes and clothes: Needless to say, you shall be walking (read running) quite a lot the entire day. You need to wear comfy yet stylish shoes and clothes to make sure that you are working to your maximum potential to get each of those shots, no matter how much you have to work for it. This will ensure that you aren’t distracted by hindrance caused by painful shoes or uncomfortable clothing.
  • Be prepared with extras: And finally, you should be well prepared with extra equipment. Whether it’s extra batteries, memory card, extra lenses, or even a separate camera, you should be bringing it all with you. If you can, use any short break and get a backup of the photos you clicked. Make sure to always have a full proof back up plan. You can have more gear, they can’t have another wedding.

So, these were some of the most helpful tips that you could put to use when you are starting out as a wedding photographer. It’s okay to feel a bit nervous during the first couple of weddings, but just give it your all, and try to make it the best possible experience for the couple of the hour.  


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