Are you planning a big bash on your wedding day? Do you have great party plans in mind for your big day, yet are totally jammed up about what to do and what not to do for it? Do you want to throw a party that can make your wedding as memorable for your guests as it is for you? Let’s get it all planned with a to do list that you cannot do without!

A good party is always a panorama of exciting things in it! You just have to think comprehensively and capture everything possible to create a medley of fun, entertainment and warm hospitality for your guests. Also, you should plan as per the occasion.  Whether it’s a corporate event or a birthday bash, who wouldn’t want to glam up their events in the best way? That’s why we often go to great lengths, like getting every piece of information about the best catering services to hiring excellent corporate DJ in Melbourne. The aim is to have a party that everyone can think about and relish even after years of attending.

A list that have it all for the party!

When thinking of a happiness galore at your wedding party, these to-do list have to be followed to make your event, the perfect one!

  • Theme: Themes add an element of fun to any party. The best part is you can go haywire while thinking of a theme. You may opt for the 80s movie fashion or a fairy tale theme, or add more personal touch to the party by setting up a creative theme. Once you have finalised a theme, start collecting all the appropriate details about it. From props to decorations, from dress to gifts – everything should coordinate with the theme. And importantly, remember to notify each guest about the theme so that they can be part of the fun too!
  • Entertainment: The backbone of every party is entertainment. Your guests need something to get hooked to. Like music and dancing (well, no wedding reception is complete without it!). Go for the best wedding DJ hire in Melbourne from Party Hire productions, who are an award-winning party hire company. They take pride in providing a complete package for all your party needs. But not all your guests may enjoy dancing. For them, set up some stage performance by an artist for a comedian if you can, or perhaps a photo booth for those amazing Social Media clicks. The options are many, the choices are yours.
  • Lights and Camera: The things that’ll help to relive your wedding day memories are pictures and videos. Don’t compromise in this aspect. These would even be legacy that you shall pass on to the generations to come. Your party planner should be able to guide you to the best professional who can take care of A-Z of it – right from pre wedding shoots to photo memorabilia for guests. Designate a photo wrangler – someone who could introduce to the photographer who is who in the party – your parents, your siblings, your best friend – the photographer needs to know the identity to plan shoots accordingly.
  • Decorations: A charming ambience sets the mood of any party and enthrals the guests. Plan your decorations according to the theme you have selected for your wedding. Flowers, candles, mood lights, fabrics – use them to ooze out romance! However, remember to be practical too! Like, remember to provide comfortable seating for the elderly and also for the youngsters (after they tire out dancing for hours in heels!).
  • Food: A thoughtful host will always focus on best quality and variety of food and beverages. If needed, taste the fare beforehand so that nothing is left to chance. Right from wine pairing to the reception cake – choose with care. The menu should be fairly elaborate so that all your guests can spot at least something they would love!
  • Games and Activities: If you want your wedding party to be fun and informal, games would be very entertaining. Depending on the venue and time of the day and year, plan the games and activities. It could be a treasure hunt, a lawn checker/chess, a couple compatibility game, photobooths, face painting sessions – and much and many more! Oh, and don’t forget the children! Some giant puzzles that they can work on together, or some colouring books and pencils would keep them happily occupied (and out of mischief too!)!
  • Party Favours: Who doesn’t love gifts! Guests who bring you gifts as a token of their good wishes, can be pleasantly surprised if you gift them something in return. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It is the thought that counts the most. To make it more touching, add a personal flavour to the gift items. It could be something as simple as a box of chocolates or a keychain – don’t forget to emboss the names of the couple on them – to something as elaborate as a pair of champagne flutes. The options are many – the budget and selection are on you! You could also go green and gift a potted sapling.
  • Invitation – This is what sets the mood of the party. If you have a theme, the invitation should be designed in keeping with it. Remember to provide all the details like date, time, venue, along with mentioning whether any particular dress code needs to be adhered to.
  • Transportation – Arrange for transportation much beforehand. Chauffeured services are best for the purpose. You wouldn’t want to shoulder the responsibility of driving to and from the wedding amidst all the stress and excitement!

With the list accurately followed, I’m sure your wedding party will rock the way you want it to! After all nothing’s more delightful than hosting a party that makes your friends and family beam with joy as their august presence adds meaning and memories to the happiest day of your life!




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