The races are calling for fashion-savvy gentlemen!!!

Why should ladies have all the fun with their fashion choices?

While the Spring Racing Carnival calls for strict dress code, the atmosphere of relaxed racing gives you the chance to ditch the suits and bring some casual, informal flair to your race attire.

If you are falling short of outfit ideas, we have got some tips for you to look your dashing best at the races.

Keep it Informal

Keep it sleek! Ditch your tailored suit pants and think garden party! Sounds fun, right?

With the warm weather full in swing, think picnic blankets. It might sound simple to you, but a fun summery shirt with a tailored cuffed short will look modern and casual. Remember, comfort is the key.

For an ultimate runway look, an opened neck shirt and chino is always a reliable combination. Leave the tie at home and be ready to sprawl on the grass with a beer.

Be Summer-Ready in Style

Are you looking for an on-trend hot day option? Let’s come directly to the point. You will be soaking yourself up in the sun throughout the day. And there is nothing less fancy than a red sunburnt nose.

For making Relaxed Racing a fun affair, you can go for different hat styles. The hat that you choose can either make or break your whole look. So, choose the hat that goes with your attire. If you want to play it safe, choose a great fedora for a sleek look.

Best Foot Forward

Relaxed Style is all about ditching the dress shoes. Choose the right shoe for your now-liberated legs. Stay in tune with the casual theme and swap the country boots on sale for a  boat shoe or a brogue. Tan is timeless, and you can add the spark by styling a loafer in suede or polished soft leather.

Wear the trendy san socks and roll up the cuffs of your chinos to get the proper look. Choose from styles like polka dots or argyle to go funky while you are lazing about on the picnic blanket.

Accessorise Always

For Spring Racing Carnival, the variations on a suit are a striking way to stick out from the crowd. But to feel the Relaxed Racing vibe, accessories are the road to personalising your stylish look. If you are going for the runway look, a chunky watch can be the best accessory.

For beating the heat, Sunglasses are a must. So, pick up Wayfarer for something fashion-forward. Complete your look with a good quality belt and let the good times roll.

Play Around With Colour

Summer is not the time for all-white-everything. Let your individual style shine through floral prints and colours. Relaxed Racing is all about bright splashes of colour. Anything bright grabs attention so play around with colours. The safest option will be to pair a yellow print shirt with light grey chinos and tan brogues. Do not escape colours.


Acing the racing season is about more than just choosing the right horse riding equipment, it is about choosing the right outfit. For Relaxed Racing, the key is to dress down. While a casual dress code gives way to a versatile range of options, you can always go easy by choosing a great quality shirt and let it speak for itself. The secret to nailing men’s casual racing attire is to accessorise perfectly.

Fashion forward or Fashion Faux Pas?

Follow these tips, and you are good to go for a cracking day at the races.



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