Not everyone wants to have an intimate wedding with a limited guest list. Some people live for their wedding day and want it to be an affair to remember. They save and plan for it from a very early stage and leave no stone unturned to make it the most different and spectacular event. From the best food to the most amazing dress, their idea of a wedding is truly dreamy. They want every element of their wedding to be a first. 

 No doubt a wedding is a union of two people where they matter the most, but if the aim is to have a grand wedding there has to be a plan and some smart tips. Here is a list of some tips to make a wedding a dreamy affair that sets trends for years to come.

  • The Venue

A lot of money is to be spent when one is even thinking about planning a wedding. If the plan is to have a big one, a lot of money is needed for the big day. Choose a foreign location that totally seems suitable for the big day. If you are a beach person, have a beach wedding and if you want a wedding along some lake with beautiful views of the mountains, plan a wedding in the hills. 

  • The Dress

 On the big day, everyone’s eyes are on the bride and the groom and it is the best time to make an impression. Choose the outfit that reflects the individuals’ personality and tastes. If there is a dream designer go for them and do customizations if needed. Make a list of some dresses that you have liked at some wedding or in a fashion magazine. Better if something new and unique is designed during sessions with the designer.

  • A Well-thought-out Theme

A well-thought-out theme can never go wrong. A traditional theme or some fairy tale theme, implement it in the wedding creatively and see the difference. It will definitely be a trendsetter for years to come. Creativity should be explored in moderation because many times things can go overboard and just look over the top. 

  • Enthusiastic and Creative Wedding Photographers

An enthusiastic photographer always makes a difference to the way the final products look and feel. Photographs are the impressions of the whole wedding and should be meticulously clicked and laid out. Not only are they the only memories that make them so precious but are also the mirror of the wedding to the whole world. The wedding photographers should be creative enough to make the wedding album an out-of-this-world book of memories. Adelaide Photography believes that the final album is a result of two-way communication between the photographer and the client where the clients should be very clear about their vision and requirements.

  • A Traditional Menu

A traditional menu always wins hearts. A traditional menu with a modern twist in a wedding is an uncommon thing nowadays. Everything is served with respect to international cuisines. Experimenting with the local cuisine with a chef and discussing various possibilities is always a good idea. Everyone looks forward to trying something new. So give them another reason to remember the wedding.

If the budget allows a wedding could be everything the bride and groom dream of. It could be an exact reflection of their tastes and fantasies. It is only a question of how well it is planned and implemented on the big day. Competent event managers and agencies with a penchant for throwing grand parties and weddings should be employed for the big day. 

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