Are you dreaming of your perfect wedding very soon? Some couples are heading abroad just to have a perfect wedding. If you don’t want to break the bank and achieve an extraordinary wedding, you don’t need to go to Naples or any of the French islands. In the United States alone, there are a number of exquisite venues that you can utilize. avenue celebrations Here is the list of top 10 American wedding venues that can cater your need in the upcoming big event:

Best Wedding Venues In The US

(1) Big Island in Hawaii

If you happen to like beach weddings, you can spend it in the largest island chain in Hawaii. This destination wedding destination is perfect if you want a very active location. You can hitch and explore some activities in the island like snorkeling, horseback riding, trekking, swimming or just lazing in the coastline.

(2) Barns and Farms in Maine

If you are looking for something rustic and off the grid type of location, barn and farm wedding venues are the perfect option. These types of venues are usually a ride away from the urban zone; they are characterized with wide outdoor receptions.

(3) Libraries in the US

As you know, United States is the home of great libraries in the world. One unique reception for a wedding is the George Peabody Library located in Baltimore, Maryland. The location’s gold embellishments and iron columns are also great for photography.

(4) Rooftop locations in New York

One of the most famous rooftop locations filled with contemporary art decors is the Gramercy Park. If you happen to plan your wedding in New York, Gramercy is the best location where you can also enjoy the catering preparations of the famous chef Danny Meyer.

(5) Pocantico Hills’ Stone Barns

If you think there is no barn in New York, think again. Stone Barns is a perfect venue if you are planning to enjoy fresh and local food for your catering event. Visit this place and you will surely swoon for their prepared wedding packages.

(6) Medicinal gardens in Philadelphia

If you want to bring garden setup to the next level, choose the medicinal herb garden of College of Physicians of Philadelphia. This grand colonial architecture will surely give your wedding an edge from other garden ceremonies.

(7) Panoramic hotels in DC

Nothing can beat panoramic locations especially when it is in the urban locations situated in Washington. The Hay Adam Hotel is one of the greatest when it comes to stunning spots for rooftop weddings here in DC.

(8) Baywood Greens in Delaware

This location is considered as the most beautiful outdoor venue here in Long Neck, Delaware. The greeneries situated in the background make the wedding a relaxed one.

(9) Vintage mansion in Washington

Some couples have penchant with vintage details; the mansion of Louis XVI situated in Washington, DC will be a perfect place to elope.

(10) Atlanta’s Fox Theater

Having trouble with a huge crowd? Try out Fox Theater and you will surely be blown away with the locations Egyptian Ballroom. Book ahead to avoid conflicts with other events.Of course, aside from the list of top 10 American wedding venues mentioned above, there are also other alternatives. Remember that hotel receptions are not the only options you’ve got. There are many beautiful locations out there waiting for you to be discovered.


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