It’s very possible that Dekkori has just changed the way I both buy and wear shoes.


I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of statement heels — something louder than the classic styles I usually go for — but now with Dekkori I can get more bang for my thoughtfully-spent buck!


Admittedly, the brand doesn’t have any obvious eco-cred. But designer Stephanie Kim founded the concept “on principles of quality, functionality and style versatility” — tenets I do my best to consider in every fashion or homewares purchase I make.


The Terra Plana Juniper in grey is on my Christmas list (25% off this week!), and now the Dekkori Disposition Wrap is, too! Two shoes in one for just $56 more. (You can click here for my bad Photoshop rendition of how the two will look together.)


The Dekkori online shop launched this week. Nine styles are available, ranging from $56 to $158.


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