Weddings in Italy are magnificent and there is no doubt in my mind that Italy is the one and only ultimate place to get married in an absolutely stunning location and have the most outrageously scrumptious food and drink you and your guests will ever have.  I double dare you on this one. But there is something else inspiring about Italy that you should know.

Italy is a creative portal both historically – witnessed in the treasure chest of art and sculpture in Florence and Rome- and currently.  Witness to the current creative Italian spirit are two events recently held in two different cities: TEDxUniTn held in Trento, located at the base of the Dolomites and Repubblica delle Idee, held in Florence -no need for introduction Highlights of both events were eyeopening and inspiring, a ray of hope for the future of Italy and maybe even the rest of the world.

trento belltowerTEDx Trento was held in the small and lively namesake town and it reminded me of the way I pictured Italy when I was a teenager.  Towering belltowers ringing in the background; romantic stone castles fulfilling a chivalrous dream; tiny alleys where no car would ever drive; small shops individually run and owned by a family and each one with a unique, colorful display of wares.

Forst pub and restaurant TnA bed and breakfast was easy to find because Trento hosts an International University campus that in turn hosts events where visitors flock to 365 days a year.  Clean and well-maintained, there are a variety of places to eat including a not-so-Italian Forst pub and restaurant where the aperitivo is a flute of brewed beer and pretzels with dips The tedxunitn event was right in line with the youthful atmosphere in town.  Entirely organized by an international student body, each presentation was held in English and each one brought to light the promising young people Italy fosters in ‘The Pulse of Innovation’. From biotechnologists working on open source science projects for young (and functional) minds to Think Young thinktanks to telling stories of your moment in life.

Florence from rooftopsImage courtesy of Florence Convention Bureau 

Repubblica delle Idee was organized by one of the national daily newspapers ‘La Repubblica’ and promoted a parade of exciting young minds embracing progress: a splash of fresh water on the face of an ageing Italy caught up in its own stagnation and hiding behind its enormous shield of  historic wealth (while slowly – and silently – selling it off to survive).

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