There’s no denying that love can easily make you feel as if you’re walking on the clouds. Some couples perform their wedding ceremony inside of private jets and sometimes inside McDonald’s or Taco Bell’s. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that love can make you do pretty amazing things that you never have imagined. This is why it’s necessary to know the unique destinations that you can proceed to choose for your wedding bash, along with the best wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire.

Unique Wedding Venues

  1. A Museum

It should be noted that art museums are always a great choice for wedding venues. There are also other options worth noting as well, such as natural history museums, air and space museums, city museums and often children’s museums too. These places often have special reception places waiting to be rented after-hours, when the museum gets closed off for public viewing. 

The exhibits at the museums will act as your backdrops and you can easily take advantage of the built-in guest entertainment services. Furthermore, you can provide guided tours to your guests around the museum and even open certain areas of the museum for exploration mainly during the cocktail hours. 

  1. A Converted Building

No wonder that wedding venues are popping up slowly across different places of the world, especially inside a converted building. Some of these buildings include former factories, monasteries, aeroplane hangars, warehouses and the likes, which still can be rented out mainly for party purposes. These buildings are indeed very unconventional in the way they function and can easily be transformed into any theme or aesthetic you want it to be. Not to mention that the addition of decor and flowers will easily create a beautiful contrast. 

Most of the converted buildings nowadays are run mainly by event management companies. Times like these are when you need a wedding planner to keep everything in check and make your wedding process much easier.

  1. State, City Or A National Park

Of course, public parks comes first in mind when it comes to venues creating beautiful backdrops for your wedding as well as your wedding photos. Such places are not only perfect to pull off small-sized wedding bashes but if care is taken in the right manner, you can even a pull-off wedding on a grander scale too. 

The main task for you would be to perform your research on this matter. There are many public places out there that need to apply for a permit beforehand and will also some general restrictions when it comes to equipment, sound, rentals, drinks and food. 


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