Every girl dreams of a fantasy wedding that is as beautiful as she is. Elegant, stylish, and unique, wedding marquee hire services promises to offer customised services that you always dreamt. Planning your wedding could be hectic, from invitations to wedding favors, looking for wedding photographers to wedding dress designers. It requires a lot of time and effort.

Marquee hire services look upon all the services and relieve you from the stress. They have experience in organising events, corporate parties and know the ins and outs of all essential elements a wedding required. Considering the budget, the number of guests and theme, wedding marquee hire services suggests venues, decor to make your big day perfect.

Deciding A Wedding Marquee Hire Services

It is essential to understand the process of how a wedding planner approach and what techniques they adopt to create a beautiful ambience. So, before choosing a wedding rental services consider the following points.

Wedding Venue Consultation: Meet the wedding marquee hire service in person and consult all the details. Which type of outdoor wedding marquee service you want, the spectacular views by the lake or the traditional church where your mother got married. Couples can choose their first meeting place and express their love to each other. You can look at some of the sample pictures of the previous weddings organised and decide to proceed further or not.

The Decor and Ambience: The decor mostly depends upon the theme you want. You can choose from the standard themes wedding marquee hire offers like rustic, vintage, fairyland, modern, and traditional. You can create a beautiful ambience by presenting your ideas. A marquee gives complete flexibility to design and embellish with unique ornamental plants, flowers, hangings and chandeliers.

The Dancing Space: While consulting with wedding marquee hire service, one of the essential components is space management. If you choose that special place where you proposed your girlfriend, but it is compact, then marquee services should inspect it before saying yes. A professional marquee service will be able to make arrangements to your needs by dividing the space into segments for the aisle, photo booth and DJ. They will make sure there is adequate space to dance, and the photo booth is in the right place so that guests can enjoy taking photos. The aisle should be beautifully decorated to welcome the bride in her beautiful wedding dress.

Wedding Gifts and Favors: Many wedding planners offer complementary services like wedding favors for guests in addition to the marquee. You can consult wedding favor ideas to gift friends and family members. Most of it involves candles, sweet jars, personalised gift boxes. Gifting small indoor plants in tiny pots is the perfect way to thank you, guest, for being a part of your big day. It could be potted succulents, ferns in boxes, or seed bags.

Marquee Removal: Most of the wedding marquee hire service does not include the removal charges at first and then later include it in the bill. So, before hiring the wedding marquee service, check that the prices are covered. Moreover, ensure that they pack up and clear the space after the wedding day.

Considering all these points, one crucial element is the budget. Always make a budget and compare prices online. Stick to your budget and make efforts that everything is covered up.  Many marquee services offer extra services to attract customers but remember they are doing it only to make more profit. So, prepare a budget plan before booking any wedding marquee service and make your wedding day a memorable one.


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