Vows are a vital part of your wedding! It’s more than just saying, “I do!” There are some strong promises enclosed in these words, few dreams that you both saw together and many promises you made to each other. Vows make a marriage more sacred; they add a personal touch to mere words making them intimate and sacrosanct for the newlyweds.

Of course, there’s no rule book to decide what kinds of words to use and which promises you ought to make. Can love be bound by rules? No, right! But still, some expectations are fabricated within the vows, no matter whether you opt for a traditional marriage ceremony or a more contemporary fun and frivolous festive kind of celebrations.  

Some ideas to deliver your vows better! 

Are you aware of the procedure that goes in a wedding? If not, then you should get some help from Jess Dowell, the best marriage celebrant available in Gold Coast, who can be the perfect listener of your love story and help you decide those vows accordingly! Apart from that, a marriage celebrant helps in getting you a legal marriage certificate and checking the church formalities too. But if you still need some ideas on the kind of vows you should think of, read on:

  • Formal or informal — If it’s a typical Church wedding with both of you in black and white and those bridesmaids in flowery attires, don’t you think a formal vow session would suit it best? It goes like, “You as a person accept your spouse as your legally wedded one and so on!” But If you want to break the web and think of something informal, you can start listing the other ways of saying so. The words may be the same, but some humour in them gives your guests a good laugh, or even an insight to your depth of feelings for each other.
  • Long or short — There are couples who actually read a two and half page full of vows during their ceremony and get emotional and happy reading and listening to the words. (Please keep extra tissues handy). While it’s up to you – many young people like to summarise those same vows in just two or three lines, and rush for a kiss. Your wedding, your vows, your rules!
  • Emotional or humorous — If you imagine your marriage as an emotional journey and it actually brings tears to your eyes thinking of the journey that lead to this happy day, then why not narrate your story and have a teary-eyed moment! (The promises after this story could be highly emotional). And if you and your partner have a funny bone, flaunt them in your vows, and make your guests roar with laughter!
  • To read or say — It’s all about your vision of these vows! If you think these are just some bulleted pointers in the name of promises that are meant to be read and repeated, then you can follow the lead of your marriage celebrant! If you are confident enough to convey the vows by heart, speak your heart out while deeply looking into your spouse’s eyes! 

Making promises or listing down vows can be as emotional or as casual a task as you would make of it. But remember these are words that may have a deep impact on your beloved. So, mean every word you say. Set foot into the journey of your marriage with promises that you truly intend to keep.


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