Interior designer Kelly LaPlante’s mantra is that “green is a standard, not a style.” In interiors especially, where almost every green build you see has a modern aesthetic, Kelly has made a name for herself by doing fabulous sustainable design work that crosses all genres, from classic to country and beyond. She’s made a career of challenging people’s perceptions of “green.” But today everything changes! (Kind of.)

Welcome to the “post-green movement.” Today Kelly launches Standard, a beautiful interiors magazine in which words like these — eco-friendly, fair trade, recycled, FSC-certified, local, organic, green — won’t appear. Every item in the magazine has passed Kelly’s standard, allowing the magazine’s editorial to take the emphasis off of eco-qualities and put it solely on style.

“I feel it is time for a publication that does not point out eco-merits,” she says. “Why are we giving brownie points for ideas and qualities that should be standard? If a product is not made with respect to the planet — and to people — it simply will not appear in the pages of this publication. Not ever.” Pictured here is an editorial shoot from the magazine of an alternative bachelorette party in Joshua Tree. Swoon. Click here to flip through all 104 pages of Standard Magazine goodness.

And did I mention that Kelly is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, which I would have said well before she became one of FLP tees’ awesomest supporters? (Thanks to sweet Jaclyn for introducing us!)


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