If you are in the wholesale hangers business, or if you work for a hotel, boutique, or other fashion and retail company that needs wholesale hangers on a regular basis, then this blog post is for you!

We will show you some of the benefits of shopping online for wholesale hangers as well as outline the differences between wholesale wooden hangers and wholesale plastic hangers. If all that sounds good to you then keep reading!

Why Buy Hangers Wholesale?

As any company in fashion or retail knows – volume is king! The more you can buy, the more you can save. But buying in bulk doesn’t have to mean investing in inferior products!

Companies that specialize in wholesale hanger sales offer a variety of options based on your unique needs. Do you require simple, disposable options? Plastic is probably best.

Do you need a touch of elegance to show off the garments on hangers? Wood is a great option.

The list goes on. The important thing to remember is to choose a company with a history of manufacturing quality products that also sells wholesale. Yes – they do exist!

Why it’s Better to Shop Wholesale Hangers Online

If you are in wholesale hangers, or if your company needs wholesale hangers on a regular basis then shopping online is the best way to get wholesale wooden hangers.


– You can pick wholesale hangers up from the factory and avoid paying shipping costs

– You will save time as most wholesale companies offer online ordering systems

– It’s easy to compare prices, wholesale wooden hanger styles, and wholesale plastic hanger styles.

If all of that sounds good to you then keep reading! Let’s outline the two most popular wholesale hanger options from online retailers: plastic and wood. Which is best for your needs?

Option #1: Wholesale Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are a clear choice for an organization that needs lots of hangers at low prices. Plastic wholesale hangers are simple and basic, but they get the job done. They’re also disposable so you can toss (or better yet – recycle) them after a single use.

Additionally, wholesale plastic wholesale hangers come in all shapes and sizes making it easy to find one that fits your needs perfectly. Most wholesale companies offer plastic hangers in the following wholesale hanger styles:

– Suit Hangers (also known as trouser bar wholesale plastic hangers) – these wholesale plastic hangers are great for pants, skirts, and other hanging items.

– Skirt/Slack Bar Wholesale Plastic Hangers – this option works best for clothing that you want to hang from a wholesale plastic hanger bar. This wholesale clothing option is great for wholesale retail stores and boutiques that want to display their wares in the most appealing manner possible!

Let’s also look at the downsides of purchasing wholesale plastic hangers.

– wholesale plastic hangers can break and they don’t stand up to frequent use.

– They also tend not to be the most durable option for clothing options, so it is often best to use wholesale plastic hangers on clothes racks or retail store displays that show off lighter fabric options. This helps keep items in good condition longer!

Option #2: Wholesale Wooden Hangers

Wooden Hangers are the more expensive cousin to the plastic hanger, but for good reason! wholesale wooden hangers are great for wholesale apparel stores, boutiques, and other wholesale clothing shops because they help garments keep their shape.

You can also use wholesale wood wooden hangers to display your clothes in style. Wood offers a touch of elegance that plastic simply cannot match!

There are some negatives to choosing wooden hangers, though. wholesale wood wholesale hangers can be a bit more expensive than wholesale plastic wholesale hangers, and they take up much more space on racks and displays.

Additionally, wholesale wooden wholesale hangers do not work as well for shops or boutiques because the clothes tend to fall off of them easily – especially if you have heavy items like coats on your racks! In short: it is best to choose wholesale wood hangers for presentation purposes only.

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