Unlike the zippers that you can find in fabric and craft shops, zippers by the yard available online, as their name suggests, are the special types of zippers sold by the yard. There is a bit of a learning curve involved if you want to use zippers by the yard correctly but don’t worry because they can be very flexible. What is even more interesting is that zippers by the yard are perfect for all budgets as well.

One of the biggest concerns of people when using zippers by the yard is that they feel hesitant to cut the specific length they need while others are afraid to put on the zipper pull. Do you have the same worries?

If yes, then, grab this chance to learn the right way of using zippers by the yard. Whether you are a DIY hobbyist or an expert tailor, you can benefit from buying zippers by the yard and using them for your projects.

But before that, first, you have to be familiar with the different components of a zipper so that it will be easier for you. When you check the zipper slider, one thing you will notice is the rounded end with two openings and a flat end with a single opening.

The zipper slider has a right side and wrong side. There is a pull tab on the right side or that part that you hold to move the slider up or down. Meanwhile, the wrong side has several numbers or letters on it that indicate the size or manufacturer.

When you look at the zipper tape, you will notice that there is a one-inch fabric on each end. It will help you put on the pulls since it is easier to put the zipper pull directly on the fabric instead of directly placing this on the teeth. However, you don’t have to worry. Things will be easier with a bit of practice if you use a piece of the zipper where you put the pull directly on the teeth.

Another thing you are going to notice when you check the zipper tape is the right side and wrong side as well. The right side of the zipper tape has a nylon coil called the zipper teeth or chain. Meanwhile, there is only fabric on the wrong side. This should be flat and you must notify the stitching holding the teeth in place.

Now that you have a good idea regarding the components, you can proceed to add the zipper pull to the zipper by the yard. First, take the zipper tape and the right side should face upwards. Separate one end so you can get both of the zipper chain’s sides.

Take the pull with the right side up and insert the zipper tape’s two sizes in the pull’s rounded tip with two openings. Each side of the pull has one side of the side.

Once the pull is on the fabric, you have to like the tips of the fabric so they can be even before you slide on the pull to the tape. As simple as that, you have already added the zipper pull on the zipper by the yard you bought.

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